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Faculty Support Page

Dr. Bruce BehnTIS Support

Faculty are provided hardware with and software personal computer support, including Windows 2000 and XP. The staff of TIS also supports the use of web based course management systems using Blackboard and Lotus Notes software. Multimedia classrooms and PC labs are managed and supported as well as virtual classrooms based on technology from Centra. TIS supports the configuration, ordering and installation of hardware and software , facilitating the management of technical equipment. These technical support services take advantage of the infrastructure maintained by TIS for the College of Business administration by the Office of Information Technology ,and by Distance Education.

How to Get Help

TIS uses REMEDY, a trouble ticket system managed by OIT. Tasks submitted to REMEDY by college faculty or staff are forwarded to TIS for support when not completed by the OIT help desk. The following links will assist you in getting the support you need.

Support Resources

Click here for hardware or software support.
Click here to access the Innovative Technology Center website
Click here for the computer store.
Click here for a campus computer life preserver.
Click here for the OIT's "Are you new?" web page.
Click here for training information.
Click here for computer-based training.
Click here for wireless networking.
Click here for networking in the dorm.