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Frequently Used Tools:

MBA Programs for Working Professionals

Technology Used in the Programs

The MBA Programs for Working Professionals in the College of Business Administration and some of the Center for Executive Education programs require laptops to be owned & used by the students/participants.   The technology requirements for each program are defined as part of the admission/registration process for each program.   The MBA Programs for Working Professionals combine residential periods of instruction with virtual classroom instruction using advanced synchronous distance education technology.  On-campus instruction utilizes advanced multimedia classrooms and wireless networking.

Selecting and Buying Your Laptop

The college has established recommended specifications for a laptop. These specifications require that the laptop have the recommended operating system and sufficient processing speed, memory, hard drive, and networking capability in order to interface with the campus technology. A laptop buying guide is available on this website to assist with the purchase.     Each program has specific software requirements.    Please see the setup instructions section of this page for further information.

The University Computer Store is a valuable resource for purchasing your laptop and also providing the required software at very competitive prices.      Please be sure to contact them for assistance.

Setting Up Your Laptop

Your laptop will be ready for use in the College of Business administration when you can access the wireless network on campus, access Blackboard or Moodle, use Microsoft Office, use Security Essentials anti-virus software to protect your computer against viruses, and access your email account via webmail.   TIS has prepared a self-service laptop guide for each Executive MBA program that will lead students through the process of getting their laptop ready for use.      Please click the link below and then choose your MBA program from the choices provided.

Computer Setup Instructions

Support for Your Laptop

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) runs a service center/helpdesk located in the commons in the Library to assist students who are having problems with their laptops. You may also request assistance by calling 865-974-9900 or ask a question by filling out a request form (scroll down to bottom of page).

College of Business students have access to technology training opportunities on campus. There is classroom training available from the Office of Information Technology and computer based technology training available over the web for those who want to learn technology at their own pace.

  • Student Tech Training Classes. more
  • Computer Based Training. more

Contacting the College of Business for Assistance

If you need assistance from the College of Business Technology office, please email

University Computer Store

The University Computer Store can also be contacted for software and some hardware assistance.    The Computer Store phone number is 865-974-2930 or via the web --  Welcome to the Bookstore Technology Center Website. | UT Bookstore.