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The MBA/MS Business Analytics Dual Degree Program

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The MBA Program and the UT College of Business Department of Statistics, Operations, and Management Science offer a two-year, integrated, dual degree program leading to the conferral of the Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Science in Business Analytics.

The program is designed to meet today’s need for individuals who can effectively bring the full power of mathematical, statistical, and computer-based models to the world of business. Through the MBA component, graduates of this program are well-prepared for business by learning the functional (Finance, Marketing, Operations), integrative (Supply Chain, International), and organizational (Communication, Leadership) elements of tomorrow’s organizations.  Through the Business Analytics component, students will learn how to gain business insight from large information systems, identify & communicate opportunities for improved decision making, and implement models & processes for enhancing business performance.  The analytic skills encompass four overlapping areas: business intelligence, data mining, process optimization and applied statistics.

The objective of the dual degree program is to develop graduates who can successfully bridge the sizable gap that currently exists between the practical aspects of business and the analytical capabilities enabled by information systems.  An ideal candidate has strong analytical skills, enjoys problem solving, and is technologically capable.  More information on Business Analytics can be found here.

Applying for the MBA/MS Business Analytics dual degree program

Applications are accepted for the fall semester only. The application deadline is February 1st. The application will be reviewed separately by the MBA and Business Analytics admission committees.

To apply, complete the full application for the MBA program (which includes two letters of reference).  Within the MBA application process, select the program of choice as MBA/MS Business Analytics.


A student in the MBA/MS Business Analytics dual degree program will take 62 credit hours of coursework. In lieu of a comprehensive examination or thesis, the student will demonstrate mastery of the material within the program capstone course, Mgt Sci 534 (Business Analytics Experience). The schedule of coursework is given below.  For specific course descriptions, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Fall – First Year  
Session 1: 7½ Weeks  
ACCT 505 - Financial Accounting I 1.5
ECON 505 - Economics of Strategy 1.5
STAT 505 - Business Analytics 1.5
MKTG 505 - Demand Management I 1.5
BA 515 - Business Skills Development I 1.5
Session 2: 7½ Weeks 1.5
ACCT 506 - Managerial Accounting I 1.5
FINC 505 - Financial Management I 1.5
MKTG 506 - Demand Management II 1.5
LOG - Supply Chain Management I 1.5
BA 516 - Business Skills Development II 1.5
Total Fall Hours 15
Spring – First Year  
Session 1: 7½ Weeks  
MGT 505 - Leading Complex Organizations 1.5
LOG 506 - Supply Chain Management II 1.5
MGT SCI 505 - Descriptive Modeling 1.5
OPS 505 - Operations Management 1.5
BA 517 - Business Skills Develpment III 1.5
Session 2: 7½ Weeks 1.5
MGT 506 - Competitive Strategy 1.5
FIN 506 - Financial Management II 1.5
BLAW 505 - Foundations of Bus. Law and Ethics 1.5
ECON 506 - Market Forces in the Global Environment 1.5
BA 518 - Innovation in Practice 1.5
Total Spring Hours 15
Mini-Term - First Year  
BUAD 591 - Global Business Seminar 3
Summer - Internship  
Fall – Second Year  
STAT 571- Statistical Methods 3
MGT SCI 531- Decision Optimization 3
STAT 563- Probability and Stochastic Processes * 3
STAT 544 – Business Cases in Data Mining or Elective 1 ** 3
Elective 2 ** 3
Total Fall Hours 15
Spring – Second Year  
MGT SCI 532- Simulation and Decision Analytics 3
STAT 572- Regression 3
STAT 574 – Data Mining 3
MGT SCI 534 – Business Analytics Experience 2
Elective 3 *** 3
Total Spring Hours 14
Total Program Credit Hours 62
* For students who have not had three semesters of Calculus,  
Quantitative Methods in Business Analytics (5 credit hrs)  
** Fall Electives for which MBA/MS students have prerequisites:  
Mgt Sci 551- Descriptive and Prescriptive Modeling  
Oms 541- Streamlining Operations  
*** Spring Electives for which MBA/MS students have prerequisites:  
Mgt Sci 533- Systems Optimization  

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