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Dr. William Seaver

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. (statistics), Texas A&M University
  • M.B.A. (quantitative methods), The University of Texas at Austin
  • B.B.A. (statistics), The University of Texas at Austin


  • Stat 579 - Applied Multivariate Methods – Fall
  • Stat 575/475 - Applied Time Series/Time Series Analysis – Spring
  • Stat 201 - Introduction to Statistics
  • Stat 471 - Statistical Methods – Fall
  • Stat 320 - Regression and Correlation Methods

Undergraduate Responsibilities:

  • Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee in Statistics/Business Analytics
  • Advisor for Undergraduate Majors in Statistics/Business Analytics


  • 2007 Allen Keally Outstanding Teacher Award in the College of Business.
  • Reagan Scholar Award in the College of Business 2001-2002.
  • 2001 University's Excellence in Teaching Award.


  • Research: Multivariate methods, bootstrapping, fuzzy methods, time series, and statistical education. Specific interest in finding influential subsets in multiple and multivariate regression models. Pattern recognition, data mining and model building.
  • Consulting: clients have been in government, telecommunications, retailing, finance, sports, health care, and more.


  • The Bottom-Line in Business Statistics (August 2007), Thomson Publishing.

Key Research Papers:

  • "Using Multivariate Methods to Incorporate Environmental Variables for Local and Global Efficiency Performance Analysis" (with K. Triantis and D. Saraiya), Informational Systems and Operational Research, 48, No.1/2, 2010, 39-52.
  • “Applications of Two-directional Time Series Models to Replace Missing Data,” (with J. Huo, C. Cox, B. Robinson, and Y. Jiang), Journal of Environmental Engineering, April 2010, 136(4), 1-9.
  • “Comparisons of Three Time-series for Predicting Campylobacteriosis Risk” (with J. Weisent, A. Odoi, and B. Rohrbach), Epidemiology and Infection, Cambridge University Press 2010, 1-9.
  • “Spatial Distributions of Ground Fish in the Northern Bering Sea in Relation to Environmental Variation,” (with X. Cui, L. Cooper, D. Etnier, R. Strange), Marine Ecology Progress Series, October 2009, 393, 147-160.
  • “An Alternative to Traditional Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Discretely Measured Continuous Data,” (with K. Randolph), Forest Science, October 2007, 53(5), 580-589.
  • "Efficiency Performance and Dominance in Influential Subsets: An Evaluation using Fuzzy Clustering and Pair-wise Dominance," (with K. Triantis and B. Hoopes), The Journal of Productivity Analysis, Spring 2004, 21, 201-220.
  • “Modeling Rural Average Daily Traffic for Georgia,” (with A. Chatterjee and M. Seaver), Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Board, No. 1719 (Fall 2000), 121-128.
  • “The Identification of Influential Subsets in Regression Using a Fuzzy Clustering Strategy,” (with K.P. Triantis and C. Reeves), Technometrics, November 1999, 41, 340-351.
  • "The Impact of Outliers and Leverage Points on Technical Efficiency Measurement Using High Breakdown Procedures," (K.P. Triantis), Management Science, June 1995, 41, 937-956.
  • "Mail-Order Catalog Design and Consumer Response Behavior: Experimentation and Analysis," (with E. Simpson), The Journal of Direct Marketing, Summer 1995, 9, 8-20.
  • "A Fuzzy Clustering Approach for Measuring Technical Efficiency in Manufacturing," (K.P. Triantis) , Journal of Productivity Analysis, December 1992, 3, 337-363.

Older Key Papers:

  • "A Statistical Examination of Sky Cover Changes in the Contiguous United States," with Jim Lee, Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology, January 1987, 26, 88-95.
  • "A Statistical Analysis of the Post Flood Gap Possibility," Creation Research Society Quarterly, June 1985, 22, 39-47.
  • "A Statistical Analysis of the Genesis Life Spans," Creation Research Society Quarterly, September 1983, 20, 80-87.
  • "Branch Banking and the Availability of Banking Offices in Nonmetropolitan Areas," with Don Fraser, The Atlantic Economic Journal, July 1983, XI, 72-78.
  • "Branch Banking and the Availability of Banking Services in Metropolitan Areas," with Don Fraser, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, March 1979, XIV, 153-160.


Dr. William Seaver

225 Stokely
Management Center
916 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996


Office: (865) 974-6862
Fax: (865) 974-2490