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Dr. Ramón V. León

Associate Professor


Ph.D. Statistics (Ralph A. Bradley Award for outstanding achievement as a graduate student) Florida State Univeristy 1979
MS Statistics Florida State University 1976
MS Mathematics Tulane University 1975
BS Mathematics Florida State University 1972

Career Highlights

  • Lead author of the paper that established the theoretical foundation for understandings when Taguchi’s signal-to-noise rations were justified. It probably was the first referee paper in the statistical literature where modern research methods were used to put Taguchi’s ideas on a firm theoretical basis. The paper was an invited discussion paper in Technometrics. Among the Discussants were George Box and C.F. Jeff Wu now a member of the National Academy of Engineering and winner of the COPSS Award that is presented annually to the best researcher under the age of 40. It was the Technometrics invited discussion paper at the American Statistical Association’s 30th Annual Fall Technical Conference (1986). The concept of PerMIA introduced in this paper is according to C. F. Jeff Wu the most important theoretical ideas in robust parameter design coming out of the West. 
  • Has published papers in Technometrics, The Annals of Statistics, The Annals of Probability, Mathematics of Operations Research, Statistics Sinica, The Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, The American Statistician, Quality Engineering and the Journal of Quality Technology.
  • Conceived and organized the industry-academia task group that proposed and developed Quality, Productivity and Reliability degree options at Rutgers University.  Co-authored the options’ curriculum plan. According to Professor Elsayed A. Elsayed this program eventually became one that in 2006 supported 16 full time Ph.D. students in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and 4 full time Ph.D students in the Department of Statistics.
  • Supervised groups at AT&T Bell Laboratories that contributed to the quality and productivity methodology in the 1980s

Papers in Refereed Journals

“Applying a Forced Censoring Technique with Accelerated Modeling for Improving Estimation of Extremely Small Percentiles of Strengths” Chen, W., León, R., Young, T. and Guess, F. (2006) International Journal of Reliability and Application. 7(1), 27- 39.

“Applying Novel Mean Residual Life Confidence Intervals” Guess, F. M., Steele, J. C., Young, T. M. and León, R. V. (2006) International Journal of Reliability and Application, 7(2), 177-186.

 “Bayesian Modeling of Accelerated Life Tests with Random Effects” R. V. León, Avery J. Ashby, Jayanth Thyagarajan and Ravichandran Ramachandran. (January 2007) Journal of Quality Technology.Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 3-16.
“Exploring Reliability of Wood-Plastic Composites: Stiffness and Flexural Strengths.”  Perhac, D.G., Young, T.M., Guess, F.M., and León, R.L. (2007). International Journal of Reliability and Application. 8(2), 153-174.

“Statistical Analysis of Optimal Culture Conditions for Gluconacetobacter hansenii Cellulose Production” by Stacy A. Hutchens, Ramón León, Barbara R. Evans , Hugh M. O’Neill. Letters in Applied Microbiology (February 2007) Volume 44, Issue 2, pages 175-180

“Exploring Reliability of Oriented Strand Board's Tensile and Stiffness Strengths.” Wang, Y., Young, T.M., Guess, F.M. and León, R.V. (2007). International Journal of Reliability and Application. 8(1), 113-126.

“Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Percentiles of Reliability Data for Wood Plastic Composites. Young, T.M., D.G. Perhac, F.M. Guess and R.V. León. (2008) Forest Products Journal.  58(11), 106-114.

“A Comparison of Multiple Linear Regression and Quantile Regression for Modeling the Internal Bond of Medium Density Fiberboard.” Young, T.M., Shaffer, L.B., Guess, F.M., Bensmail, H., and León, R. V. (2008). Forest Product Journal. 58(4), 39-48.

 “Using R Software for Reliability Data Analysis.” Shaffer, L.B., T.M. Young, F.M. Guess, H. Bensmail and R.V. León.  (2008). International Journal of Reliability and Application9(1), 53-70.

“Effect of Not Having Homogeneous Test Units in Accelerated Life Test.”León, R.V., Li, Y., Guess, F.G., and Sawhney, R. (July 2009). Journal of Quality Technology. Volume 41, Number 3, 241–246.

“Using Reliability Analyses to Characterize Wood Strand Thickness for Oriented Strand Board Panels.”  Chastain, J., Young, T.M. Guess, F.M. and León, R.V.  (2009). International Journal of Reliability and Application. 10(4):89-99.

“Estimating Upper Percentiles Of Strand Thickness for Oriented Strand Board.” Young, T., Guess, F.M., Chastain, J.S., and Leon, R.V. (2009) Forest Products Journal. 59(10), 79-88.

“Treating Travel Time as Additional Repair Time: What Errors Are Incurred?” Yanzhen Li, Kaixiang Tao, Ramón V. Le?na, Frank M. Guess (To be published in the February issue of IEEE Transactions in Reliability.)

Research Grant

$6,000 grant from the TN Teaching and Learning Center for developing new methods to teach introductory statistics and other introductory quantitative methods.


Ramon Leon

249 Stokeley Management Center
916 Volunteer Blvd Knoxville, TN 37996

Office: (865) 974-1636