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To get on our electronic mailing list, please send your email address to Becky Walker. We routinely send job notices and other announcements.

Please also let us know if you have a new postal address, phone number, or job (for our records only), or any news that you would like to share.

MS Alumni
College of Business


1989 Dennis J Beal 1979 Charles J Henderson (Mgmt Sci.)
  Xi Chen   John N Hooker Jr. (Mgmt Sci.)
  John A Cherrie   Jean A. Solomon
  Sharon Gebarowski-Marshall   Sidney Wright
  Howard J Hovagimian 1978 Timothy J Clifford (Mgmt Sci.)
  David G Keltner   William L Kolz
  Terrance S Kiraly (Mgmt Sci.)   Carl A McIntire III (Mgmt Sci.)
  Jeana L Lucas   Mary M Pashley (Mgmt Sci.)
  Gregory L. Pearce 1977 William D Bayless
  Lawrence E Pender   Donna J Chichester (MA M Sci.)
  Rajamatangi Rajamani (Mgmt Sci.)   William K. Hensley (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
  Gail E. Wauford (Mgmt Sci.)   Paul D. Kidd (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
1988 David R Barrack   Elaine Larcher (Mgmt Sci.)
  Craig C. Brandt   Daniel E Lodter (Mgmt Sci.)
  Karen L. Homer   Christopher D Redcorn (MA M Sci.)
  Donna S Husch   Isabel Rosenblitt
  Colletta H. Moore 1976 Shyue-Jing Chang
  J. Ellen Payne   William Ed Dickenson (MBA M Sci.)
  Gary A. Royster   Russell B Johnson
  R P Sundarraj (Mgmt Sci.)   Tsai-Hsia Y Shen
  Janice P Watkins   Susan D Thompson
1987  Dennis J Farrell   Dieter W Waffel (Mgmt Sci.)
  Saiid Ganjalizadeh (Mgmt Sci.)   Brenda A Weaver (Mgmt Sci.)
  Joseph R Gomez (Mgmt Sci.)   Charles F Weber (Mgmt Sci.)
  Lori L Mycoff 1975 Rachel Craig Bishop
  Rose Patterson   Milton Byrle Lee (MBA Stat)
  Darren A. Smith (Mgmt Sci.)   George N. Plumlee Jr.
  Chuck Swinney (Mgmt Sci.)   Wayne L. Self (Mgmt Sci.)
  Nancy Vesser-Day   Kleojurai Siriwan
1986 Mark T Bullock (Mgmt Sci.) 1974 Scott Herrin (Mgmt Sci.)
  Charles Mitchell Cwiek   Uraiwan Kanungsukkasem
  Paul Alexander McSorley   Ralph Shipman Leete
  Blaine R Morgan   Hossein Riazi-Kermani (MBA M Sci.)
  Daniel M Reinhart   Lynn D. Torbeck
  John F Schneider   Ned L. Treat (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
1985 Donald A. Cunningham 1973 Jane H Brackett
  Melvin M Holbrook (Mgmt Sci.)   E Hunter Foreman Jr.
1984 Prabir K Bagchi (Mgmt Sci.)   James A. Jonas (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
  Gregory L Brown (Mgmt Sci.)   Barbara Jean Strickland
  Sujit Das (MBA Mgmt Sci.)   Michael A Zimmer (MBA Stat)
  Richard L. Douthat (Mgmt Sci.) 1972 James R. Clark (Mgmt Sci.)
  Tina M. Galloway   Richard W Counts
  Gail N Kepley (MBA Mgmt Sci.)   Louis T. Iglehart, Jr. (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
  Samuel Koshy (Mgmt Sci.)   Gilbert W Morrison (Mgmt Sci.)
  Zurina Mahmood 1971 Charles A Beswick (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
  T. Allen Pannell, Jr.   Julian R. Gissel, Jr. (MBA Stat)
  Pojana Puakpong (Mgmt Sci.)   Thomas F Hall II (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
  Siang A Tham (Mgmt Sci.)   Stephen L Sachs (MBA Mgmt Sci.)
1983 Richard S Butturini (Mgmt Sci.) 1970 Charles R. McMillan (MBA Stat)
  Paiboon Choypeng (Mgmt Sci.) 1969 J Robert Copper (Mgmt Sci.)
  Sandra M. MacNamee   John Roy Gray (Mgmt Sci.)
  Vickie R Rogers (Mgmt Sci.) 1966 Rose Ann Kile, Esq.
1982 Zainol Chemamat 1963 John M Blickensderfer (Mgmt Sci.)
  William R Clark (Mgmt Sci.) 1962 Joe P. Reavis
  Harriet Jones Keener 1961 Albert Reed
  David D. Holmes (Mgmt Sci.) 1960 Betty P. Havlicek
  Brian R Huguenard (Mgmt Sci.) 1957 Charles C. Thigpen
  Kim I Melton (Mgmt Sci.) 1956 William Ogden
  Vicki B Shiner (Mgmt Sci.) 1955 Lewis Sinclair
1981 Barbara Brown 1950 Edward J. Boling
  Patricia Cole-Hinton 1949 Gerald G. Posthumus (Mgmt Sci.)
  James D Copple (Mgmt Sci.)    
  Deborah M. Flanagan    
  Terry P Harrison (Mgmt Sci.)    
  Rosanna C Liu    
  Robert A. Muenchen    
1980 Jennifer M McNichols (Mgmt Sci.)    
  Anthony Wittmann    
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