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Please also let us know if you have a new postal address, phone number, or job (for our records only), or any news that you would like to share.

PhD Alumni
College of Business

MS Alumni
College of Business

1987   William A McKenney (Mgmt Sci.)   2004   Artin Armagan
Mohammad M Sepehri (Mgmt Sci.)       Julie Ferrara-Brown
1986   Kim I Melton (Mgmt Sci.)       Vuttichai Chatpattananan
1984   John N Hooker Jr. (Mgmt Sci.)       Qichao Dong (Mgmt Sci.)
1983   Terry P Harrison (Mgmt Sci.)       David Joseph Edwards
    Ruth B. Hofstra (Mgmt Sci.)       John W Fields (Mgmt Sci.)
1982   C Hal Aikens (Mgmt Sci.)       Terry Alan Higgins
    Anand S Kunnathur (Mgmt Sci.)       Rishi Kothari (Mgmt Sci.)
1981   Gerald R Armstrong (Mgmt Sci.)       Jesse Cambron Lilly (Mgmt Sci.)
    Chih-Kang Chen (Mgmt Sci.)       Theresa Jean McCarty
    P S Sundararaghavan (Mgmt Sci.)       Anshuman Mehrotra (Mgmt Sci.)
    Rose H Wong (Mgmt Sci.)       Ioana-Sof Pacurar (Mgmt Sci.)
1979   Michael L Newman (Mgmt Sci.)       Jian Sun
    Jerry R Weaver (Mgmt Sci.)       Robin M Terrell-Taylor
1978   Judith L Quinn (Mgmt Sci.)       Ajit Viswanathan (Mgmt Sci.)
1977   Gilbert W Morrison (Mgmt Sci.)       Kyriakos Voutouris
1976   Kenneth C. Gilbert (Mgmt Sci.)       Xin Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)
1974   William H. Hawthorne (Mgmt Sci.)       Yanhong Zhang
    Charles W Holland (Mgmt Sci.)   2003   Avery Jonathan Ashby
    Robert Allen McLaren (Mgmt Sci.)       Yuting Chen
1973   Charles A Beswick (Mgmt Sci.)       Robert W Ellis
    Billy P. Helms (Mgmt Sci.)       Zurab Grigalashvili (Mgmt Sci.)
    Edward W Holcomb (Mgmt Sci.)       Jinsheng Huo (IGSP-Envir. Engr.)
    George L. Jensen (Mgmt Sci.)       Amanda Leshaun Kidd
    Leroy F Simmons (Mgmt Sci.)       Yan Liu
1972   Thomas E Pritchard (Mgmt Sci.)       Robert B. Kiser
1971   David A. Hake (Mgmt Sci.)       Min-Young Lee (Mgmt Sci.)
            Pamela S. Mandrell
Timothy M. Pickrell
            Aiping Qian
            Sandeep Rajput (IGSP-Chem. Engr.)
            Shijin Ren
            Pamela Scott
            Radu Valentin Stoica (Mgmt Sci.)
            Jayanth Thyagarajan
            James Wicker (IGSP-Physics) 
            Zhexing Xu (Mgmt Sci.)
            Ning Xue
            Mei Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)
            Rui Zhang
        2002   Kimberly D. Cooper
            Pengjie Gao
            Pengqin Gao
            Ok Soun I
            James M Lanning
            Derek M Norton
            Aiping Qian
            Ivy Wan
            Yan Yan
            Sumer Joy Yates
        2001   Kristen L Arwood
            Kortnee Barnett
            Catherine L Cheng
            Andre K. Dimarzio (Mgmt Sci.)
            Ravindra P. Edirisooriya
            Kevin Lee Gassaway
            Dennis E Goodman
            Sean Groer
            Min-Sung Kim
            Christopher G. Krohn
            Hailing Li
            Julijana Magda
            Hamansu R Patel
            Kit Pun
            T. Jason Sharp
            Sharon A. Sheliga
            Kortnee C. Barnett-Walker
            Yeak-Chong Wong
            Xin Wu
        2000   Robin J Clark (Mgmt Sci.)
            Aimee C. Hughes
            Adraine R Jordan
            Huo Li (IGSP-Biochemistry)
            Julijana Magda
            Maria A Mendoza
            Christopher G Morris
            Junghun Nam
            Elizabeth A. Parlier
            Chen-Chun Shao (IGSP-Food Sci.)
            Yi Sun (Mgmt Sci.)
            Yun Wang
            Hernr Hank Wells
            Rongrong Zhang (Mgmt Sci.)
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